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Giga Wing 2
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Player history for HYP

DCSparrow RF52,487,088,263,979,870 [pic]Finally got to the fourth stage without dying! I suppose I should start coming up with a route for stage 5, though I definitely still need a lot of stage 4 practice2018-02-18 
DCSparrow RF3915,243,954,762,080 [pic]You know, it's hard to compare my GW2 score with others because I simply can't comprehend the number of digits. It could easily be an order of magnitude or two different without noticing.2018-02-16 
DCSparrow RF4710,817,069,545,460 [pic]Shit gets real in stage 4 O_o2018-02-13 
DCSparrow RF4498,950,909,301,700 [pic]I'm thinking that Giga Wing 2 will be my next goal.2018-02-11 
DCSparrow RF4462,538,759,738,420 [pic]Really glad I finally decided to try out this game, I really like it. it's like Giga Wing, but minus the things that I don't like about Giga Wing. Not quite as good as Mars Matrix, though.2016-09-06