Fleako's score history for Gradius III: Densetsu kara Shinwa e - Arcade
グラディウスIII 伝説から神話ヘ
Gradius III: Densetsu kara Shinwa e
- Arcade -
Player history for Fle

MAMEEdit Mode3-51,636,050 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Achieve to This Record at 06/25/2017. Upload to My playing replay. combination with Normal missile,Vertical,Twin Laser2017-12-08 
MAMEType B Force Field4-52,388,270 [pic] [vid]Achieve to Loop3 Clear at 11/30/2017 of my twitch streaming and upload to my video link2017-12-03 
MAMEType B Force Field3-101,989,690 [vid]New record at 09/15/20172017-11-07 
MAMEType D Force Field3-71,789,490 [pic] [vid] [rpy]my high record of Type-D. achieve at 06/26/2017. upload with my replay2017-03-03 
MAMEType B Force Field3-101,912,260 [pic] [vid] 2017-01-15