Shima-Tora's score history for ESP Ra. De. - Arcade
ESP Ra. De.
- Arcade -
Player history for S.T

MAMEYusuke5-29,795,530 [pic]No miss up to the Stage 4 boss, got to the final boss this time, final form. Pretty scary.2013-02-02 
MAMEYusuke5-17,536,800 [pic]No missed Stages 1 to 4, then proceeded to lose all of my lives to Stage 5-1. Bombing? What's that?2013-01-28 
MAMEYusuke5-17,142,130 [pic]Added a bit of scoring here and there.2013-01-18 
MAMEYusuke5-16,559,600 [pic]After some practice, managed to beat my previous score. Lots of work to do though.2013-01-14 
MAMEIrori5-15,439,900 [pic]Mostly blind.2012-10-02