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Special Demonstrations

Ongoing superplay series curated by Icarus, with a focus on high-quality play, video quality, and commentary.

The series is primarily available as a playlist on Icarus' youtube channel, with the official shmups forum thread providing additional information and commentary.
PlayerGame and ModeScoreCommentsDate Played
T3-KamuiBattle Garegga - Arcade
20,959,490 [vid]Special Demonstrations #132020-03-12
JaimersRayForce - Arcade
8,011,400 [vid]Special Demonstration #9.unknown
ProMeTheusDodonpachi Daioujou Black L... - Arcade (2 Round)
A Exy
2,519,678,800 [vid]Special Demonstrations #2unknown
NAKMushihimesama Futari Black ... - God
7,180,576,345 [vid]Special Demonstrations #6unknown
cioxBattle Bakraid Unlimited Ver. - Advanced Course
Flame Viper
100,922,550 [vid]Special Demonstration #10, second run.2016-08-19
cioxBattle Bakraid Unlimited Ver. - Advanced Course
Buster Lizard
103,877,400 [vid]Special Demonstration #10.2016-08-19
rescueDodonpachi Saidaioujou - 1.5 - Laser
Type A
151,450,277,640 [vid]Special Demonstration #5. unknown
SmraedisMushihimesama - Arrange1,052,096,800 [vid]Special Demonstrations #42013-07-31
SOF-WTNDonpachi - Arcade
A Type
71,919,080 [vid]ASpecial Demonstration #15. 287 max chain. With english commentary; Japanese commentary on SOF-WTN's youtube channel (archive link).2007-07-00
SDD-KaedeBattle Garegga - Arcade
18,485,040 [vid]Special Demonstrations #11, with English commentary.unknown
T3-KamuiBattle Garegga - Arcade
20,836,870 [vid]Special Demonstrations #8, former world record unknown
T3-KamuiBattle Garegga - Arcade
Wild Snail
16,630,070 [vid]ASpecial Demonstrations # 7. Kamui is best known for playing as Gain, so this is a change of pace!unknown
T3-KamuiBattle Garegga - Arcade
20,432,610 [vid]Special Demonstration #3. Double KO at the final boss.unknown
T3-KamuiBattle Garegga - Arcade
20,396,400 [vid]Special Demonstration #1 of manyunknown
PlasmoPink Sweets ~Ibara Sorekara~ - Score Attack 1.00
6,521,610 [vid]2019-11-01
PlasmoPink Sweets ~Ibara Sorekara~ - Arcade 1.00
*Obsoleted run
15,364,850 [vid]2019-11-01
JaimersDodonpachi - Arcade Mode
C Laser
638,295,200 [vid]A837 Hit, Shmupmame 2.22019-10-16