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Harmful Park
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PSDefaultALL2,647,416 [vid] 2020-11-01
PSDefaultALL3,004,651 [pic](ePSXe 1.13) Got it.2013-01-20
PSDefault12,998,723 [pic](ePSXe 1.13) Showed Game Over, then it showed Finished. Did I clear or not? Doesn't matter, I am not stopping 1250 points away from 3 mil.2013-01-18
PSDefaultALL2,635,019 [pic](ePSXe 1.13) Hey, it's an improvement. I think 3 mil is probably possible.2012-10-07
PSDefaultALL2,617,232 [pic](ePSXe 1.13) Wow, I thought my old record was really good but I got this within 20 minutes.2012-09-30
PSDefault12,300,044 [pic] 2012-04-02
PSDefault11,872,974Those two UFOs at the end are rough if you're trying to actually fight them.2012-04-01
PSDefault11,794,895Seconds away from the finish2012-03-31
PSDefaultALL1,524,707 2012-03-31