cstarflare's score history for Pink Sweets ~Ibara Sorekara~ - Arrange
ピンクスウィーツ ~鋳薔薇それから~
Pink Sweets ~Ibara Sorekara~
- Arrange -
Player history for CSF

X360Meidi & MidiALL 320,924,740 [pic]Success.2014-02-23
X360Meidi & Midi7 338,254,580 [pic]Double KO the TLB. <:(2014-02-17
X360Meidi & Midi6 288,077,670 [pic]I need to get to the stage 6 boss with more than one life in stock. That lightning attack is not something I can count on surviving.2014-02-16
X360Meidi & Midi6 247,420,120Wait, I actually have to learn how to not die on that lightning attack? Shit.2013-07-26
X360Meidi & Midi6 224,493,240I guess I need to learn how to do stage 6 without infinite resources. :(2013-07-26