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Darius Gaiden
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MAMESilver HawkALL17,736,390 [pic] [rpy]Should have been able to get 20 mil out of this run. But it's a clear!2015-02-14
MAMESilver HawkZ16,209,780 [pic] [rpy] 2015-02-08
MAMESilver HawkW15,528,050 [pic] [rpy]Really bad zone V. Should have been better.2015-02-05
MAMESilver HawkW15,182,190 [pic] 2015-02-03
MAMESilver HawkS11,243,580 [pic]Two hits in I. :|2015-02-02
MAMESilver HawkP11,001,420 [pic]Crusty Hammer started to die as I took the last hit.2015-01-31
MAMESilver HawkO9,814,840 [pic]I thought I had 10 million the bag.2015-01-25
MAMESilver HawkN9,496,710 [pic]Halfway through the alphabet. 2015-01-20