cstarflare's score history for Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story - Lunatic
Touhou Gensoukyou ~ Lotus Land Story
- Lunatic -
Player history for CSF

PC 98Marisa BClear80,138,510 [pic](Anex86 v 2.78) Went into stage 6 with almost 10 mil less than usual. Still, happy to have the clear.2012-09-30
PC 98Marisa B679,795,600 [pic](Anex86 v 2.78) Took a stupid hit in stage 6; if I hadn't I would have cleared this. 2012-09-30
PC 98Marisa B677,947,530 [pic](Anex86 v 2.78) The game's score table says All, but game over'd on the stage 6 boss.2012-09-22
PC 98Marisa B556,317,900 [pic](Anex86 v 2.78) Bombed through Reimu and still lost like three lives. Missed three dream items in stage 3 as well... that one should have gone much better.2012-09-16
PC 98Marisa B440,660,450 [pic](Anex86 v 2.78)2012-09-16
PC 98Marisa B433,196,040 [pic](Anex86 v 2.78) I'm really liking this. Going to keep pushing!2012-09-15