cstarflare's score history for Darius - Plus - Route Z
- Plus - Route Z -
Player history for CSF

PCE/TG16Silver HawkALLYes5,849,250 [pic]ABDGKPZ Ootake, autofire. Just have to no miss until you get Wave, then game is whatever.2014-11-01
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk7Yes5,064,100Fight Cuttlefish with laser :(2014-11-01
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk6 4,223,150 [pic]ABDGKP, autofire. All lives stolen by My Home Daddy. :(2014-10-21
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk6 4,199,550 [pic]ABDGKP, autofire.2014-10-18
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk5 2,800,250 [pic]ABDHL, autofire. Took down the crab, am happy.2014-10-18
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk4 2,501,500ABDG, how can I stop making stupid mistakes?2014-10-18
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk4 2,166,350ACFJ, not going to fight red crab anymore.2014-10-15
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk3 2,052,400ABE, Autofire.2014-10-15
PCE/TG16Silver Hawk3 1,268,800ABE, Autofire. I like this.2014-10-13