cstarflare's score history for Deathsmiles II - Arcade Mode
Deathsmiles II
- Arcade Mode -
Player history for CSF

SwitchLeiALL873,690,909First clear of the Switch version.2021-12-31
X360LeiALL841,334,255 [pic] 2014-05-03
X360LeiLast Boss773,495,499Small improvement, but I still can't figure out the final boss fight.2013-01-01
X360LeiLast Boss761,370,078I like it when the game doesn't let me shoot to the left2012-04-06
X360LeiLast Boss604,320,551Three hits on Heavy Snake - hate that thing.2012-03-23
X360LeiLast543,954,396getting close2012-03-17
X360LeiLast458,663,890OK, getting the hang of this.2012-03-17
X360LeiLast382,595,546 2012-03-17
X360Lei3 Boss169,839,693 2012-03-17