cstarflare's score history for Graze Counter - Arcade
Graze Counter
- Arcade -
Player history for CSF

PCType-6ClearAuto Shield921,986,370 [pic]Perfect play on Arcade might net you 950M but 1B isn't possible.2019-02-03
PCType-5ClearAuto Shield868,710,220 [pic]I think Type 6 has more potential.2019-01-20
PCType-6ClearAuto Shield904,679,170 [pic] [rpy]900M now huh. There's definitely more room for growth but I don't think 1B is possible?2019-01-20
PCType-5Clear 804,907,810 [pic] [rpy]800M, OK2019-01-17
PCType-1ClearAuto Shield449,918,190 [pic]Type 1 is fun - might try to push this a little farther.2019-01-15
PCType-2ClearAuto Shield503,736,590 [pic] 2019-01-15
PCType-5ClearAuto Shield713,760,720 [pic] [rpy]I might have to amend my previous comment - not sure how much more room there is in this. Maybe 800M is possible?2019-01-15
PCType-5ClearAuto Shield696,958,090 [pic]Wonder how far I can push this- I'm sure there's no chance of 1B but I'm sure 900M is doable.2019-01-15
PCType-1ClearAuto Shield355,112,220 [pic] 2019-01-15