cstarflare's score history for Rolling Gunner - Original
Rolling Gunner
- Original -
Player history for CSF

PCRF-42RS Super STORK61,762,827,350 [pic] [vid] [rpy]TLB. I'm satisfied with this as a clear for now - a TLB clear would probably end up at 2B or so.2020-01-12
PCRF-42RS Super STORK61,328,743,570 [pic] [rpy]First time making it to last boss. With a better stage 5 a clear is easy.2020-01-05
PCRF-42RS Super STORK6916,445,920 [pic] [rpy]1 bil might happen before the clear. Sadly.2019-12-01
PCRF-42RS Super STORK6626,027,440 [pic] [rpy]First time making it to stage 6. Time to put some time into Training mode.2019-12-01