cstarflare's score history for Momoiro Underground - Route S - Forest and City
Momoiro Underground
- Route S - Forest and City -
Player history for CSF

PlatformShipStageStarting RankScoreCommentEntered
PCPinky Salt12 Clear5004,923,452 [vid]This went well but not perfect - 5M is very possible.2019-06-09
PCPinky Salt12 Clear5003,926,036 [pic] [rpy]Should have been 4m. Need to figure out how to get Momo to have six spears.2019-06-08
PCPinky Salt12 Clear5003,451,760 [pic] [rpy]Not my best score, but it is a 500 start scoring clear.2019-06-08
PCPinky Salt12 Clear3003,585,417 [vid] 2019-06-02
PCPinky Salt123003,182,850 [pic] [rpy]Sloppy, but a failed Forest B milk probably meant I had a lot of points to gain from Momoko.2019-05-25
PCPinky Salt121502,922,755 [pic]If I'd finished Momo's first phase this would have been 3m. Run was still extremely sloppy.2019-05-24
PCPinky Salt121502,807,489 [pic]Momoko had a sliver of health back. Was a pretty iffy run before tower - killed the Forest B boss to early.2019-05-21
PCPinky Salt121002,697,508 [pic] [vid] [rpy]I could do 3m with a good run, I think.2019-05-19
PCPinky Salt12 2,027,042 [rpy] 2019-05-12