cstarflare's score history for Espgaluda - Arrange
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Player history for CSF

PS2BlackALL338,212,878 [pic]Unbelievably happy. Will never play this again.2013-03-17
PS2Black5-2295,029,916 [pic]I don't think this clear is ever going to happen.2013-03-10
PS2Black5-2277,624,055 [pic]First time seeing 5-2; did very poorly. Should have gotten the extend. :/2012-07-04
PS2Black5-1225,041,016small improvement2012-07-03
PS2Black5-1221,613,572 2012-07-03
PS2Black5-1212,198,913where is that second extend???2012-06-25
PS2Black5-1200,173,471I wish I could practice the 5-1 boss.2012-06-24
PS2Black5-1186,139,445 2012-06-24
PS2Black5-1168,197,153 2012-04-05