Klatrymadon's score history for Dariusburst Another Chronicle - Original EX Mode
ダライアスバースト アナザークロニクル
Dariusburst Another Chronicle
- Original EX Mode -
Player history for YOG

PlatformShipStageFinal ZoneScoreCommentEntered
PCGenesisALLV119,936,100 [pic]Better planning in zone V would boost this score enormously. Needs work!2018-03-16 
PCLegendALLX125,320,300 [pic]PSX one-life clear. Loads of scoring opportunities missed.2018-03-15 
PCLegendALLX113,579,050 [pic]First clear of PSX. Two deaths, so easily improved upon.2018-03-14 
PCGenesisALLW135,028,800 [pic]ORW no-miss clear.2018-03-10 
PCLegendALLW91,288,350 [pic]First clear of W. Lost two lives to Dual Spin so hoping to improve this very soon.2018-03-10 
PCLegendALLY105,927,270 [pic]First 1LC on route QUY.2018-03-10 
PC2ndALLV113,600,500 [pic] 2018-03-10 
PCLegendALLZ143,721,500 [pic]First 1LC on QUZ. Hoping to improve on this!2018-03-01