Klatrymadon's score history for Dariusburst Another Chronicle - Original Mode
ダライアスバースト アナザークロニクル
Dariusburst Another Chronicle
- Original Mode -
Player history for YOG

PlatformShipStageFinal ZoneScoreCommentEntered
PC2ndALLI110,871,100 [pic] 2018-03-10 
PCGenesisALLL133,514,920 [pic]All counterbursts this time!2018-03-07 
PCGenesisALLL128,921,390 [pic]First attempt at CGL with Genesis. Should have hung back and waited for the counterburst on GT!2018-03-06 
PCLegendALLL99,262,230 [pic]Slight improvement on CGL. Still no 100m with Legend!2018-03-05 
PC2ndALLH126,224,200 [pic]ADH with Second. Again, easily improved!2018-03-05 
PC2ndALLK136,150,000 [pic]Slightly better score on CFK with Second. Definitely easily improved upon.2018-03-05 
PC2ndALLJ134,287,500 [pic]2LC on CFJ. Tough route with Second!2018-03-05 
PC2ndALLK129,117,900 [pic]First attempt on route BFK with Second. Easily improved.2018-03-04 
PCLegendALLL98,027,850 [pic]1LC. Need to push this over 100m with some better planning (or a counterburst on GT). :)2018-03-04 
PCLegendALLL75,378,779 [pic]Slightly better score, but not a 1LC.2018-03-04 
PCLegendALLL66,547,910 [pic]Hope to improve on this very soon.2018-03-04 
PC2ndALLI104,651,100 [pic]First attempt on this route with Second.2018-03-03 
PC2ndALLH114,173,500 [pic]First 1LC with Second. Fun route!2018-03-03