Muijsch's score history for Giga Wing - Arcade
Giga Wing
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Player history for MAW

MAMESinnosuke59,193,397,351,670 [pic]Difficulty 8. Run felt good. Little trigger happy on name entry though.2014-02-05 
MAMESinnosuke57,637,134,372,760 [pic]Difficulty 8. A good closer of the day after a string of pretty disappointing results.2014-01-13 
MAMESinnosuke43,964,284,876,640 [pic]Difficulty 8. Still not my highest, but now getting pretty close to it.2014-01-13 
MAMESinnosuke33,131,913,810,840 [pic]Difficulty 8. Not my highest, but highest score under that name.2014-01-12