VioletHatPurple's score history for Eden's Aegis - Original
エデンズ エイジス
Eden's Aegis
- Original -
Player history for VHP

PlatformShipStageWait On/OffScoreCommentEntered
PCEveALLWait Off150,055,990 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Wait off, Guard on. Eden's Aegis Original Mode 150 Million No Miss ALL Clear (Wait off, Guard on) with Eve, complete with some more tasteful Eve fanservice wallpapers! ^o^2017-02-19 
PCEveALLWait Off126,601,640 [pic] [rpy]Wait off, Guard on. A random run I did some time ago while working on Eden's Aegis Hell Mode. I should go for the No Miss sometime later on.2017-02-17 
PCNanathyALLWait Off68,346,120 [vid] [rpy]Wait off, Guard on. My 1st 1cc of Eden's Aegis version 1.11 Original mode with the wait off, & autoguard on!2015-05-28