Prinny's score history for Leiria -Stargazer- - Normal
Leiria -Stargazer-
- Normal -
Player history for TPY

PCA TypeALL658,769,640 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Still had a few deaths. Had 600m as a goal.2021-06-10
PCA TypeALL597,512,350 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Still have some deaths here and there.2021-06-09
PCA TypeALL555,193,810 [pic] [rpy]Need to work on surviving.2019-04-12
PCA TypeALL512,204,760 [pic] [rpy]Good survival in stage 6 until the end. Managed to hold onto my resources a bit better in this run.2015-06-26
PCA TypeALL490,645,550 [pic] [rpy]Started putting runs in. Some screw ups here and there.2015-06-25
PCA TypeALL320,687,090 [pic]All clear with the TLB beaten2014-09-28
PCA TypeALL313,451,360 [pic]I need to look up TLB requirements.2014-09-19