Prinny's score history for Eden's Aegis - Original
エデンズ エイジス
Eden's Aegis
- Original -
Player history for TPY

PlatformShipStageWait On/OffScoreCommentEntered
PCNanathyALLWait On221,853,700 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Guard On. Nothing too glaring outside of minor mistakes.2019-07-30 
PCNanathyALLWait On218,499,870 [pic] [rpy]Guard On. Altered my bomb route a bit. Got hit during stage 4 boss.2019-07-29 
PCNanathyALLWait On216,383,410 [pic] [rpy]Guard On. Some bomb experimenting. Missed canceling bullets near the end of stage 5.2019-07-27 
PCNanathyALLWait Off173,876,830 [pic] [rpy]Wait off. Guard on.2019-06-04 
PCNanathyALLWait On215,845,930 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Guard On. Got hit during stage 3 boss. 2019-05-07 
PCNanathyALLWait On210,644,400 [pic] [rpy]Guard On.2019-05-03 
PCNanathyALLWait On209,385,760 [pic] [rpy]Guard On. Got hit during stage 4. Slightly change to how I approach stage 5 flowers.2019-05-02 
PCEveALLWait On200,416,000 [pic] [rpy]Guard on. Reached 200m.2019-04-16 
PCNanathyALLWait On198,572,820 [pic] [rpy]Guard On. Experimenting with bombs in stage 5.2019-04-03 
PCNanathyALLWait On196,757,860 [pic] [rpy]Guard On.2019-02-27 
PCNanathyALLWait On184,894,920 [pic] [rpy]Guard On. Minor improvement. Took a hit during the final boss.2019-02-21 
PCNanathyALLWait On184,139,240 [pic] [rpy]Guard On. 1 death. Just trying something on stage 5 that I've had in mind for a while.2019-02-12 
PCNanathyALLWait Off156,867,550 [pic] [rpy]Wait Off. Guard On. First wait off clear.2019-01-21 
PCEveALLWait On168,886,440 [pic] [rpy]Guard on2018-08-21 
PCNanathyALLWait On177,996,830 [pic] [rpy]Guard on. Missed some cancels.2018-08-21 
PCNanathyALLWait On165,642,610 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Death on final pattern2018-04-06 
PCNanathyALLWait On161,436,990 [pic] [vid] [rpy] 2017-07-29 
PCEveALLWait On61,324,060 [pic] [rpy]Will work on a wait off clear.2015-01-06