Prinny's score history for Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label - Arcade (2 Round)
怒首領蜂大往生 ブラックレーベル
Dodonpachi Daioujou Black Label
- Arcade (2 Round) -
Player history for TPY

MAMEA Exy2-1122,820,150 [pic] [rpy]shmupmame4.2. Throwing the first loop clear here.2015-06-09 
MAMEA Exy1-5128,549,280 [pic] [rpy]Improvements. Reached the stage 5 boss in this run. shmupmame 4.22015-02-02 
MAMEA Exy1-5121,166,490 [pic] [rpy]shmupmame 4.2. Inching my way forward.2015-01-13 
MAMEA Exy1-5101,126,950 [pic] [rpy]Better stage 1 route. I'll need to do some practice for stage 4 and 5.2015-01-08 
MAMEA Exy1-597,222,070 [pic] [rpy]shmupmame 4.2 Not sure how I managed to chain stage 1.2014-12-30 
MAMEA Exy1-455,609,030 [pic] [rpy]shmupmame 4.2. Slowly learning how to deal with the stages.2014-12-27