pandoraXhunter's score history for Dodonpachi - Arcade Mode
- Arcade Mode -
Player history for pan

MAMEA Laser2-254,563,980 [pic] [vid]Dropped stage 2 chain at 300-ish hits mark,made up for it by NMNB the first 4 stages as well as reached 2-2. Since I achived the goal I set for, I'll leave it there for another day.2015-07-16 
MAMEA Laser2-142,594,100 [pic] [rpy]Just do this as a test on MAME input recorder. Triggering the loop, shouldn't have died at 2-12015-07-04 
MAMEA Laser1-ALL34,431,760 [pic] [vid]First 1cc of the game2015-06-26