chum's score history for Armed Police Batrider - Special Course
アームドポリス バトライダー
Armed Police Batrider
- Special Course -
Player history for CHU

MAMECar-Pet1310,074,790 2015-06-01 
MAMECar-PetALL139,546,580 2015-05-29 
MAMECar-PetALL139,378,60010 mil later?2015-05-28 
MAMETeam Edit1510,205,290Sobut, Envy and Bashi R were not fought.2014-03-31 
MAMETeam Edit158,489,470Hayate, Blackheart MK2 and Glow Squid were not fought.2014-03-25 
MAMETeam Edit158,421,830Flying Baron, Grasshopper, Car-Pet2012-03-06