chum's score history for Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei - Lunatic A-2
妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精
Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei
- Lunatic A-2 -
Player history for CHU

PCCirnoClear119,625,730 [pic] [rpy]luck is still not excellent, but i will take this run.2016-06-18 
PCCirnoClear118,331,590 [pic] [rpy] 2016-06-09 
PCCirnoClear116,786,470 [pic] [rpy] 2015-10-17 
PCCirnoClear116,199,330 [pic] [rpy]overall FW wr. lucky and well executed for the most part. i think 118m is maximum realistic score2015-03-12 
PCCirnoClear115,086,390 [pic] [rpy]overall FW wr2014-12-24 
PCCirnoClear112,406,610 [rpy]Overall 2nd highest score for this game2013-12-28 
PCCirnoClear103,460,670 2012-09-26 
PCCirnoClear38,003,580 2012-07-01