chum's score history for Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei - Lunatic C-1
妖精大戦争 ~ 東方三月精
Yousei Daisensou ~ Touhou Sangetsusei
- Lunatic C-1 -
Player history for CHU

PCCirnoClear102,247,660 [pic] [rpy]godrun2015-04-09 
PCCirnoClear101,185,780 [pic] [rpy]we are2015-04-08 
PCCirnoClear100,950,740 [pic] [rpy]we are2015-04-07 
PCCirnoClear100,164,660 [pic] [rpy]improved the record2014-11-13 
PCCirnoClear99,823,570 [rpy]it is the record, after hard work2014-11-11 
PCCirnoClear98,927,08010th place on my scoreboard is 96.7m. target is 100m..2014-11-06 
PCCirnoClear98,447,380 2014-11-03 
PCCirnoClear97,794,530 [rpy] 2014-10-31 
PCCirnoClear93,713,100 2014-10-28 
PCCirnoClear89,727,350 2014-03-25 
PCCirnoClear87,405,480 2013-06-10 
PCCirnoClear70,246,900 2012-11-26 
PCCirnoClear54,842,630 2012-10-10 
PCCirnoClear32,531,520 2012-07-01