Shepardus's score history for IKUSAAAAAAAN! - Normal
- Normal -
Player history for JAK

PlatformShipStageLife CapScoreCommentEntered
PCWide KaikouFull911,389,459,135,383,160 [pic] [rpy]Captured all spellcards and got all secrets except the last secret of stage 1.2019-07-16 
PCWide KaikouFull99,590,131,543,654,600 [pic] [rpy]Got all stage portions and spellcards, but failed last two spellcards.2019-07-14 
PCWide ThunderFull96,445,586,837,788,230 [pic] [rpy]Missed second half of stage 2 and part of the final boss...2019-07-12