Shepardus's score history for Armed Police Batrider - Advanced Course
アームドポリス バトライダー
Armed Police Batrider
- Advanced Course -
Player history for JAK

MAMEMaria67,170,700 [rpy] 2019-06-29 
MAMECar-Pet77,494,750 [pic] [rpy] 2019-06-23 
MAMETeam Edit77,650,050 [pic] [rpy] 2019-06-23 
MAMEShortyALL78,615,830 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Right down to the wire!2016-04-21 
MAMEShorty78,064,850 [pic]Surprisingly good for how little I've played this game since clearing a year ago, but damn I was so close to clearing! :< Better scoring than my clear thanks to better medalling. Used "Start" rank trick.2016-04-18 
MAMEShortyALL77,018,900 [vid] 2016-01-25