Shepardus's score history for Parodius Da! -Shinwa kara Owarai e- - Arcade
パロディウスだ! -神話からお笑いへ-
Parodius Da! -Shinwa kara Owarai e-
- Arcade -
Player history for JAK

MAMEVic Viper2-11,055,000 [pic] [rpy] 2018-01-26 
MAMEVic Viper2-11,016,800 [pic] [rpy]1 million! Took long enough...2018-01-16 
MAMETwin Bee2-1990,900 [pic] [rpy] 2017-03-11 
MAMEVic Viper2-1999,800 [pic] [rpy]So close to 1 million x_x2017-02-18 
MAMEPentarou2-1834,600 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Fourth 1-ALL! Cleared once with every character!2017-02-17 
MAMEPentarou1-8711,300 [pic] [rpy] 2017-02-01 
MAMEPentarou1-9707,800 [pic] [rpy] 2017-01-29 
MAMEVic Viper2-1932,200 [pic] [vid] [rpy] 2017-01-28 
MAMEVic Viper1-10857,500 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Got this while testing a rank display (see video). Would have been a really great score had I cleared.2017-01-28 
MAMEVic Viper1-10754,300 [pic] [rpy] 2017-01-10 
MAMEVic Viper1-8719,900 [pic] [rpy]Hit the ceiling while fighting the stage 8 boss...2017-01-08 
MAMETwin Bee2-1952,700 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Second 1-ALL!2017-01-08 
MAMETwin Bee1-9750,100 [pic] [rpy] 2016-12-23 
MAMETwin Bee1-9682,700 [pic] [rpy]lmao that stage 5 boss2016-12-07 
MAMEPentarou1-9689,700 [pic] [rpy] 2016-12-05 
MAMEPentarou1-8588,600 [rpy] 2016-11-24 
MAMEPentarou1-8588,200 [rpy] 2016-11-23 
MAMEPentarou1-7470,100 [pic] [rpy]Not a great score by any means, but nobody's submitted any Pentarou scores...2016-11-22 
MAMEVic Viper1-8693,100 [rpy] 2016-11-20 
MAMEVic Viper1-8556,100 [pic] [rpy] 2016-11-18 
MAMEOctopus2-1917,300 [pic] [vid] [rpy] 2016-11-11 
MAMEOctopus1-10770,500 [pic] [rpy]First time getting past stage 8!2016-10-23 
MAMEOctopus1-8709,900 [pic] [rpy]Manual mode. Two deaths in stage 3 labyrinth. Got a second speed up at stage 5 boss. Suicide bullets started appearing in the middle of the stage 7 boss fight. One death there, two in stage 8 dogfight.2016-10-09 
MAMEOctopus1-8683,900 [pic] [rpy]Auto mode. Screw the eggplant volcanoes.2016-08-13 
MAMETwin Bee1-8609,100 [pic] [rpy]Manual mode. The slowdown makes the roulette capsules a lot easier to deal with.2016-07-31 
MAMETwin Bee1-6412,400 [rpy]Auto mode, no-miss to stage 6 but the suicide bullets became too much to handle.2016-07-31 
MAMEVic Viper1-8543,300 [pic] [rpy]Suddenly I reached stage 8 even though I've never gotten past stage 5 before this and I almost never choose Vic Viper.2016-06-26