Maurener's score history for Sine Mora - Hard
Sine Mora
- Hard -
Player history for MGC

X360GE-22ALLKoss/Reflect701,018,000 [pic]No turbo-controller. If it wasn't for the silly mistakes it should have been 740mil or more. Also i need to milk more the last boss, so 800mil is maybe possible.2015-10-01 
X360GE-22ALLYtoo/Reflect661,088,000 [pic]No Turbo controller. I can make up to 700M points but by far i am happy with this :'). Also my first 1cc primary- weapon-only clear.2015-07-31 
X360GE-22ALLKoss/Reflect549,391,000 [pic]No Turbo controller, could have been a huge improvement if it were not for the stupid mistakes.2015-07-12 
X360GE-22ALLKoss/Reflect547,512,000 [pic]No Turbo controller.2015-06-24