vvv_stg's score history for Dodonpachi - Arcade Mode
- Arcade Mode -
Player history for VVV

MAMEA Laser1-655,843,400 [pic]Max hit 485. What was that run.2017-04-17 
MAMEA Laser1-653,814,990 [pic]First three stages done without screwing up. Now onto stage 4.2017-01-18 
ArcadeA Laser1-545,004,740 [pic]Max hit 491.2016-12-10 
MAMEA Laser1-544,909,000 [pic]1062016-11-15 
ArcadeA Laser1-540,333,470 [pic]Somehow, this feels even better than the clear.2016-10-02 
MAMEA Laser1-ALL32,925,860 [pic]Accidentally cleared it. Now back to learning how to score.2016-09-28 
MAMEA Laser1-628,412,700 [pic]I really should learn routes for stages after 1- 3.2016-09-28 
MAMEA Laser1-528,094,210 [pic]Managed to full- chain 1-2 in an actual run, yay.2016-09-11 
ArcadeA Laser1-625,213,370 [pic] 2016-07-19 
MAMEA Laser1-623,678,460 [pic] 2016-06-18 
MAMEC Laser1-517,056,320 [pic]May end up with a clear soon.2016-04-05 
MAMEA Laser1-410,697,600 2016-01-29 
MAMEA Laser1-47,767,780 2016-01-27