KirbyComment's score history for Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream - Easy
Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
- Easy -
Player history for KC

PCMimaALL55,596,030 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2017-08-17 
PCKotohimeALL53,205,360 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2017-08-09 
PCReimuALL44,616,900 [pic] [vid]Why even bother2017-08-09 
PCEllenALL47,444,980 [pic] [vid]Short Round 1, coorporative last round2017-08-08 
PCChiyuriALL48,335,520 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2017-08-05 
PCYumemiALL39,326,150 [pic] [vid]How do I2017-08-03 
PCKanaALL45,639,900 [pic] [vid]Yumemi too strong2017-08-03 
PCMarisaALL46,759,310 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2017-08-02 
PCKotohimeALL40,921,540 [vid]Can't2016-10-07 
PCReimuALL40,240,610 [vid]Yumemi is literally unstallable with Reimu, concluded2016-09-22 
PCYumemiALL32,230,170 [pic]Pls spell Yumemi right2016-09-19 
PCChiyuriALL35,498,990 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCKanaALL32,077,300 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCKotohimeALL32,336,950Screenshot is kill2016-09-19 
PCEllenALL34,967,800 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCMarisaALL29,790,360Old score and evidence lost. Will improve...2016-09-19 
PCMimaALL40,319,770 [pic] [vid]Was overall WR for 1 day2016-09-19 
PCReimuALL37,819,170 [pic]Failed attempt at doing stalling strats because of 90+% RNG2016-09-19 
PCRikakoALL41,872,510 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2016-09-19