KirbyComment's score history for Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream - Lunatic
Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
- Lunatic -
Player history for KC

PCMarisaALL108,460,620 [pic] [vid]Last round robbery2018-11-02 
PCRikakoALL98,761,280 [pic] [vid]Only Chiyuri could've been significantly better. Very luck-based category2018-10-06 
PCChiyuriALL124,250,410 [pic] [vid]I want to kill myself2018-07-06 
PCMarisaALL107,363,220 [pic] [vid]100k away from Zil's sum2018-06-26 
PCRikakoALL91,216,580 [pic] [vid]1b Lunatic sum as of getting this2018-06-19 
PCMimaALL126,637,330 [pic] [vid]After a whole year of getting 4 123m runs, I finally got past the barrier2018-06-15 
PCMarisa9101,888,440 [pic] [vid]I cry2018-06-10 
PCChiyuri9123,948,450 [pic] [vid]A truly incredible run despite the Game Over. Trying to beat this with a 1cc is going to be a challenge ironically2017-12-27 
PCMimaALL123,587,700 [pic] [vid]My PB-list of Game Overs have been eradicated. Now just my scoreboard left to clean up...2017-12-15 
PCYumemiALL106,721,590 [pic] [vid]Many runs were 100m potential. Finally got it with a run with an extremely good early-game2017-12-08 
PCKanaALL109,412,060 [pic] [vid]Very nice run. Pretty satisfied with this for now...2017-11-07 
PCMarisaALL100,240,700 [pic] [vid]Super Chiyuri clear, bad second-last Yumemi round2017-10-29 
PCEllenALL122,656,180 [pic] [vid]Probably never going back to this category...2017-06-10 
PCEllenALL103,090,720 [pic] [vid]Suicidal Yumemi, bad2017-06-10 
PCKotohimeALL123,393,850 [pic] [vid]I reached my dimensional dream goal! Also this beats K.M.'s 119m run from the ancient past2017-06-03 
PCReimuALL103,244,120 [pic] [vid]First achieved Lunatic WR2017-05-25 
PCMima9115,735,700 [pic] [vid]The 120 million dream is close2017-04-27 
PCReimuALL99,133,720 [pic] [vid]The border is breaking2017-04-26 
PCChiyuriALL111,555,010 [pic] [vid]All shot 1cc!2017-04-01 
PCRikakoALL81,268,250 [pic] [vid]First time being ballsy on Yumemi2017-03-17 
PCKanaALL97,722,590 [pic] [vid]One more shot to 1cc2017-03-11 
PCKotohimeALL110,327,170 [pic] [vid]Creeping closer2017-02-07 
PCMarisaALL92,470,930 [pic] [vid]Solid2017-01-28 
PCMima9108,554,540 [pic] [vid]Hahaha2017-01-27 
PCReimuALL88,231,890 [vid]Nice derust2017-01-21 
PCYumemiALL95,842,640 [vid]Lol2016-09-19 
PCChiyuri996,440,430 [vid]Impossible to 1cc2016-09-19 
PCRikakoALL78,896,410 [pic] 2016-09-19 
PCKana984,793,860 [vid]Kana's poop2016-09-19 
PCKotohimeALL94,103,560 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCEllenALL99,385,930 [pic] [vid]Hmm...2016-09-19 
PCMarisaALL85,869,370 [pic] [vid]Was my first non-broken shot scoring 1cc2016-09-19 
PCMimaALL100,232,870 [pic] [vid]Joinin' the 100m club. Chums not allowed! >:32016-09-19 
PCReimuALL85,477,760 [pic] [vid]Suicide2016-09-19