KirbyComment's score history for Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream - Normal
Touhou Yumejikuu ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream
- Normal -
Player history for KC

PCKanaALL77,513,540 [pic] [vid]13:23 Round 1 + 20.09m clear!2020-10-12 
PCYumemiALL62,443,080 [pic] [vid]8:28 Round 12020-10-05 
PCRikakoALL57,851,790 [pic] [vid]11:46 Round 12020-10-01 
PCMimaALL75,127,170 [pic] [vid]8:47 Round 1 + 17.13m clear?2017-10-13 
PCChiyuriALL69,334,030 [pic] [vid]Meh2017-09-04 
PCEllenALL73,901,980 [pic] [vid]I'm a weirdo2017-08-28 
PCKotohimeALL70,311,310 [pic] [vid]18:42 Round 1, but the most retarded death. Not worthy of this score2017-08-26 
PCKanaALL61,229,380 [pic] [vid]Died, but got more score compared to winning2017-08-26 
PCMarisaALL66,465,020 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi (15:27)2017-08-24 
PCReimuALL63,602,800 [pic] [vid]tfw more than Zig2017-08-21 
PCYumemiALL53,444,290 [pic] [vid]Don't mess with my machines2017-08-21 
PCRikakoALL52,548,130 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2017-08-18 
PCRikakoALL52,548,130 [pic] [vid]1-Round Yumemi2017-08-18 
PCYumemiALL47,300,140 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCChiyuriALL54,045,330 2016-09-19 
PCRikakoALL42,041,710 [vid]Almost passed by Easy Modo2016-09-19 
PCKanaALL46,396,150 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCKotohimeALL48,297,700 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCEllenALL51,429,240 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCMarisaALL43,988,280 [vid] 2016-09-19 
PCMimaALL55,855,220 [vid]Not ready for stalling yet2016-09-19