ggmaximo's score history for F/A - Arcade
- Arcade -
Player history for MGS

MAMEF-16 AFTIClear1,509,500 [vid] 2020-01-13
MAMEGR.5Clear1,465,250 [vid]skin of the teeth clear2020-01-13
MAMEACMClear1,604,000 [vid] 2020-01-13
MAMEMRCA IDSClear1,679,300 [pic] [vid]1-miss on stage 6; everything else worked out smoothly2020-01-13
MAMEF-117AClear1,394,250 [pic] [vid]1-miss going into round 8; last stage was absolutely bonkers & I can't believe I survived the last boss. Hardest plane to clear with imo2020-01-13
MAMEJA-37Clear1,702,100 [vid]ALL; 2-miss on final boss2020-01-13