EmperorIng's score history for Psyvariar -Revision- - Arcade
サイヴァリア リビジョン
Psyvariar -Revision-
- Arcade -
Player history for ING

PCDefaultX-D66,943,600 [pic] [vid]"First time ever" reaching the mighty Gluon, the fearsome TLB! This was a glorious run, filled equally with stupid mistakes and dumb luck. But the proof's in the pudding and I'm close to the finish line.2020-10-20
PCDefaultX-C45,081,300 [pic] [vid]First PB in ages, and making it back to X-C. Many tortuous attempts. Would have picked 4-C but was on my last life and settled for 4-B instead.2020-10-17
PCDefaultX-C43,632,300 [pic] [vid]A new PB that saw me get to X-C. Moving on up!2020-03-05
SwitchDefaultX-B35,125,200 [pic] [vid]Actually PC but lol. Great run up to the boss, who I was unprepared for. Final level 147.2020-01-25