EmperorIng's score history for Sisters Royale - Normal
Sisters Royale
- Normal -
Player history for ING

PCLaleALL4,000,594,550 [pic] [vid]The highest known score for Lale on Normal Mode. It was quite a battle to crack 4 billion, and I only just BARELY did that. I am pretty proud of this score and replay!2021-11-25
PCSelmaALL4,865,764,010 [pic] [vid]A huge score for Selma; but I still got hit 11 times. Had I not, I would have easily hit 5 billion. That's the next goal and milestone!2020-12-08
PCEceALL4,145,972,020 [pic] [vid]Like my Sonay score, this is the highest- known score achieved with Ece on Normal Mode. I am very proud of this run since Ece has to work hard to get the most out of her stages.2020-12-08
PCSonayALL3,521,305,640 [vid]Big score here, though it has been since dethroned by Mero and HomerunAkai. I could probably push this to 4 billion if I had a perfect run.2020-12-08
SwitchNurALL4,402,971,230 [pic]An ALL that's over 4 billion! I'd love to push to 5b now that I've got the game on PC2020-10-10
SwitchNur41,736,493,020 [pic]Still having trouble with Lale's boss fight, but playing as Nur is a great deal of fun. She's essentially Sayo Yuki from Shikigami no Shiro!2020-07-07