EmperorIng's score history for Shikigami no Shiro - Arcade
Shikigami no Shiro
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Player history for ING

PCDaejeong KimClear3,764,712,940 [pic] [vid]Steam port. This score has been bested by other players. I keep on trying for 4 billion but the lucky run eludes me. Maybe one day???2021-05-04
PCDaejeong KimClear2,860,813,330 [pic] [vid]Finally got the clear and recorded it too! Big new update and gets me within striking range of that coveted 3 billion mark. This run had endless mistakes too, so lots of room to improve!2021-04-13
PCDaejeong KimClear2,737,341,740 [pic]New PB. Hope to have a new pb + video the next time around. Finally 2b get!2021-04-13
PCDaejeong KimClear1,495,163,080 [vid]Played on Steam port. Managed to improve my score by almost 300 million from my previous best. Finally got an S rank!2021-02-13
PCDaejeong KimClear1,220,973,130 [pic] [vid]Played using the PC port + cj_iwakura fan translation. Happy to show off some decent Kim play!2020-12-30
PCKohtarou KugaClear1,232,735,740 [pic] [vid]Played on the PC port with fan translation by cj_iwakura. This replay has two deaths in stage 1 (!!) but manages to roar back for a clean clear afterwards. 2020-12-08