Rezardi's score history for Shikigami no Shiro - Arcade
Shikigami no Shiro
- Arcade -
Player history for REZ

PCDaejeong KimClear1,253,969,290 [vid]With this, i've cleared the game with every character in this game as well. 2021-05-08
PCSayo YuukiClear800,243,340 [vid]Awful experience. 2021-05-08
PCTagamiClear3,337,412,880 [vid]The coveted 3+ billion. Only a mere 2 days after the 2,7. Considering i had only used this character for two days/game sessions, this is a pretty good score.2021-05-05
PCKohtarou KugaClear1,767,527,520 [vid]Quick shitclear, tried to get some decent score in. 1,7b is quite decent for a first 1cc with this char, with basically no practice done on the milk.2021-05-05
PCTagamiClear2,774,786,580 [vid]Steam ver. 3b+ whenever i feel like grinding this game more again.2021-05-02
PCGennojo HyugaClear1,052,487,620 [vid]Steam ver. Kusoclear. 2021-05-02
PCFumiko Odette VansteinClear2,742,513,640 [vid]Cleaner 5-1 milk. Big improvement this time.2021-04-10
PCFumiko Odette VansteinClear2,532,699,200 [vid]Small improvement.2021-04-10
PCFumiko Odette VansteinClear2,363,744,930 [vid]#7 on steam leaderboards. There's still some room for improvement, but I think I'm done with this character/mode for a while.2021-03-08
PCFumiko Odette VansteinClear1,432,870,470 [vid]Steam. Slight score improvement. Huge potential.2021-03-04
PCFumiko Odette VansteinClear268,889,230 [vid]Probably the lowest scoring 1cc around, at least with video footage.2021-02-23