Meseki's score history for Eden's Aegis - Original
エデンズ エイジス
Eden's Aegis
- Original -
Player history for MSK

PlatformShipStageWait On/OffScoreCommentEntered
PCEve3Wait Off12,177,970Auto Guard On. How would one score well with this character? The inability to use the special shot a little at a time makes things really difficult, even if it's rather powerful.2012-08-31 
PCNanathy3Wait Off11,664,640Auto Guard On. I don't know if it was me doing bad or this character being weak, but a few boss patterns looped because it was taking me so long to finish them.2012-08-31 
PCMaple4Wait Off20,941,280Auto Guard On. It seems this game is optimized better than BWR+, as I can play it with Wait Off.2012-08-30