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Silver Hawk
Player Platform StageScore Comments Played Date
Dai_9ArcadeALL39,288,150 [vid]Part 2: sm6018520; Part 3: sm60189992009-02-01
T3-K.KArcadeALL38,884,140 [vid]From the VHS "Gigantic Impact"unknown
ErppoPS4ALL34,937,640 [vid]AEIOZunknown
SmraedisPS2ALL28,818,160 [pic] [vid] 2012-09-13
M. HaikalPSALL26,247,990 [pic] [vid]VS Embryo2019-03-24
ChinopolisPS2ALL15,716,330 [vid] 2020-10-23
Ars9ArcadeALL15,231,620 [vid]Top of the screen is cut off so score is ~30% visible. The first three digits should be correct if nothing else.2019-07-15