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Overall Ranking
1SCYMAMEX-002ALL16,925,300 2012-05-28
2JPBMAMEX-002ALL11,163,200 [pic] [vid] 2016-01-12
3DELArcadeX-002148,600,000Arcade score from the 80s.2012-06-03
4KOLSaturnX-002137,594,400 [pic] 2016-03-21
5ACEMAMEX-00284,968,800 [pic]Played as part of RGF Shmup League season 62016-01-27
6JAKMAMEX-00284,853,900 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Japan (M72) version 1-ALL. No autofire used.2016-05-19
7YOGMAMEX-00284,446,100 [vid]Scored a bit higher on the PS version (5,143,100), but would rather share the run I have some footage of. Replay file is for MAMEUI64 0.177.2018-09-05
8AASMAMEX-0023891,700 [pic]Just submitting this for personal tracking, not even close to the scores above me...2012-10-11