Welcome to Restart Syndrome! We are a collection of online leaderboards for shmups, where our users can share, compare, and track their progress in the various games of the genre. If you're into that sort of thing, I guess you can hang with us. But you have to follow our rules!

1) Real scores only.
People work hard for their scores, and are protective of their place on the leaderboards. False scores cheat everyone below you, and if you're falsifying a last place score why would we want you here? Just don't do it.

Providing photographic proof of your scores is encouraged, but generally not required. If a score's legitimacy is contested, or seems outrageous, we may ask for a picture of the game's high score table for verification. If proof is requested the user has seven days to provide it, or the entry in question will be removed from the leaderboard.

(Other forms of proof may be accepted including XBLA replays, MAME input files, videos, etc. Links to these may be provided in the comment section of the entry.)

For the time being, users can contest scores by sending an email to cstarflare@gmail.com.

2) Scores must be obtained on one credit and on default settings.
All the basic shmup rules apply - one credit, all defaults is the only way to go. The only exception is that controller functions may be remapped as the player sees fit.

3) Scores must be exact and accurate.
Typos, approximations, and other inaccuracies should be avoided. Refer to your game's high score table or other record of your score and enter everything exactly as it happened.

If you agree to follow the above, register or log in and get started!

Because Restart Syndrome was built for competative score tables, all scores entered are by default publically viewable. However, if you wish for entries to be made private this setting can be made on each entry and your account's default behaviour can be changed in your profile. You can similarly exepmt your activity from being included in the recent entries section of the home page - you can enter the results of every run you ever play without spamming the front page, if you so choose!

Restart Syndrome also functions as a user-curated video listing! Videos submitted on the leaderboards are included, but users can also submit videos by other players as well. The main video listing is intended for full run, legitimately played scores only, and submissions must be attributed to a player and with a score attached. TAS, individual stage, or strategy-focused videos are segregated from the main listing and should be marked as such. Replays which are not intended to be public should not be published here. If any player wishes for his or her videos to be removed from the listing please reach out to me at the email address below.

One final note: our list of games is always growing, but I welcome requests at cstarflare@gmail.com . Be aware that depending on my familiarity with the game and the information available online, I may need some help in accurately entering the game's specifics into the system.