Alternative Sphere
- Sequel -
Overall Ranking
1VHPPCHoshimi SistersALL6,636,510,349,509,013,400 [pic] [vid] [rpy]My 1st No Miss 1cc of the Sequel Stage of Alternative Sphere with the Hoshimi Sisters, Maiha (Main) and Tsubasa (Support)! I even captured Remi's red version of her true final attack 2nd phase! Very pleased to finally get this one down! =D2016-08-23
2MSKPCHoshimi Sisters1723,147,678,232,933,370Made it to the boss' pattern right before the shield. I think someone else made the bullet patterns for this stage. Most of the bullets are much faster, and the way I have to play is totally different from normal; I even have to plan my bomb usage.2012-07-12