Leiria -Stargazer-
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Rank Player Platform Ship StageScore Comments Entered Date
1twilightexPCA TypeALL814,892,430 [vid]3 Deaths. No miss should grant 850 mil, but I'm happy that the 800 mil goal is done.2023-02-07
2PrinnyPCA TypeALL658,769,640 [pic] [vid] [rpy]Still had a few deaths. Had 600m as a goal.2021-06-10
3NwodatekPCA TypeALL492,298,140 [rpy]Returning to this after not playing it since June.2014-10-03
4cstarflarePCA TypeALL445,111,130 [pic] [rpy]Enjoyable game.2013-04-29
5GalactaRayPCA TypeALL318,393,970 [pic]Played for Calice. Did not trigger TLB2021-06-17
6PlasmaBlooDPCA Type6297,511,130 [pic] 2020-09-29
7RezardiPCA TypeALL285,618,980 [pic] [rpy]Normal TLB ALL2021-01-19
8toiminePCA TypeALL248,861,280 [vid]has tlb, jkl; controls2021-09-18
9YakumovPCA TypeALL236,212,520 [vid] 2021-09-17