Leiria -Stargazer-
- Normal -
Overall Ranking
1TPYPCA TypeALL555,193,810 [pic] [rpy]Need to work on surviving.2019-04-12
2NWOPCA TypeALL492,298,140 [rpy]Returning to this after not playing it since June.2014-10-03
3CSFPCA TypeALL445,111,130 [pic] [rpy]Enjoyable game.2013-04-29
4ZIGPCA TypeALL326,425,300 [pic] [rpy]Done with the original shottype, not selectable in shottypes so I selected -A. This shottype probably has the hardest time scoring out of all shottypes. Going to improve; hope this shottype gets a section. I don't know if the replay works.2015-06-09