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12a03Game GearDefaultALL1,526,450Using H weapon.2017-02-24
2BareKnuckleRooGame GearDefaultALL1,518,000I discovered there's a safespot during the Stage 6 boss you can abuse with the W weapon to constantly kill the little enemies it launches for points. I did this for a few minutes before getting bored.2015-06-23
3pegboyGame GearDefaultALL1,509,550 [vid]Played on real Game Gear. No Deaths.2020-11-05
4DonphanPS4DefaultALL1,381,820 [vid] 2021-09-22
5PlasmaBlooDPS4DefaultALL1,373,480 [pic] 2020-12-30
6zoydoPS4DefaultALL1,360,340 [pic]Aleste Collection Nintendo Switch2021-01-12
7tomzaczGame GearDefaultALL1,325,660 [pic] 2021-10-28
8ggmaximoGame Gear
aleste collection
DefaultALL1,258,730 [pic] 2022-06-20
9YakumovGame GearDefaultALL1,249,880 [vid] 2021-09-16
10AktaneGame GearDefaultALL1,234,810 [vid]Played on Switch2022-06-10