Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
- Heaven -
Overall Ranking
RankPlayerPlatformShipStageWait On/OffScoreCommentEntered
1JHAPCBlue PeaceALLWait Off48,137,290 2012-06-11
2ARUPCBlue HopeALLWait On45,015,250 2012-04-20
3FBKPCEden's EdgeALLWait On44,216,830Guard OFF Wait OFF 2014-07-27
4SMXPCBlue PeaceALLWait Off41,281,060 [pic]Autoguard: on2012-03-31
5BLOPCEden's EdgeALLWait On34,871,860 [pic] 2017-12-16
6AMWPCBlue PeaceALLWait On30,992,210 [rpy]Autoguard ON2013-03-19
7PMDPCBlue HopeALLWait Off28,533,130 [pic] 2013-08-15
8HYPPCBlue WishALL 19,709,000 [pic]autoguard off. Only practiced for about an hour (also was just playing for survival)2014-05-25
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