Metal Black
- Arcade -
Overall Ranking
1SERMAMEBlack FlyALL666,210 [vid] 2018-12-14
2CHUMAMEBlack FlyALL582,160 2015-03-21
3YOGMAMEBlack FlyALL527,010 [pic]An old score. Decent, but I could certainly break 600k with better luck in the bonus stages and some more milking. Posting mainly to encourage myself to revisit it on the Saturn. :)2018-03-01
4JGBPS2Black FlyALL511,680 [pic] [vid]From Taito Legends 2 (PAL Version)2017-09-24
5KOLPS2Black FlyALL510,420 [pic]Taito Memories Vol. 1 (JPN)2012-12-10
6SDAMAMEBlack FlyALL509,740 [vid]First clear2018-11-11
7NTYMAMEBlack FlyALL490,220Clear from Jan '122013-01-13
8BLOSaturnBlack Fly4295,210 [pic] 2017-08-22
9PMDSaturnBlack Fly4271,150 2013-02-12