Fast Striker
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Rank Player Platform Ship StageScore Comments Entered Date
1ToarcadeArcadeDefaultALL12,685,314,000 2017-08-17
2froebomDCDefaultALL6,610,582,980 [vid] 2024-06-05
3LordHypnosDCDefault64,201,203,830 [pic]Actually was not going for score on this one, but I didn't die much until the 6th stage which I hadn't practiced for a long time, and the no miss bonus is worth alot!2015-03-12
4zoydoPS4Default41,914,631,060 [pic]PS4-Version2019-02-24
5Acid_RainDCDefault41,633,397,630 2013-05-06
6sombetzkiDCDefault31,120,044,860x 10432013-05-16