Zigzagwolf's score history for Touhou Kaikidan ~ Mystic Square - Extra
Touhou Kaikidan ~ Mystic Square
- Extra -
Player history for ZIG

PC 98YuukaClear186,900,220 [pic] [vid]186 million Yuuka run, kinda old. I don't know why I never submitted my more recent score-- Though I may still improve this as that is possible.2017-06-30
PC 98MimaClear187,207,110 [pic] [vid]This was at potential 200 million pace, sadly enough the mistake killed the run. Though it is a clear improvement so that is why I submitted this, I will try to go for world record soon.2017-06-30
PC 98ReimuClear202,105,820 [pic] [vid]Finally 200 million and with Reimu too, so that is pretty awesome. the run was pretty godly, I will try to take the overall World Record with Mima soon enough. 2017-06-30
PC 98MarisaClear185,041,780 [pic]1MNB, I hope to get a 190 Million NMNB someday with Marisa2017-04-17
PC 98ReimuClear196,616,790 [pic]Close to 200 Million, I can't wait to reach that score whenever I push this category up again! I will publish a video at 200 million.2017-04-17
PC 98YuukaClear159,858,130 [pic]This and the Reimu score will be significantly improved.2016-08-08
PC 98ReimuClear177,958,490 [pic] 2016-08-08
PC 98MarisaClear170,836,740 [pic] [vid]No Miss Extra scorerun, all bombs were used for scoring purposes. 2016-06-08
PC 98MimaClear165,223,460 [pic] [vid]Done during the Dodging Rain Competition when I got a little bit frustrated by hard mode; tried to score this for a minor moment instead, will be improved.2016-02-26
PC 98MimaClear118,383,340 [pic]Tried to go for an EX NMNB, failed that by dying to Alice's last pattern on the last second. Atleast an improved NM by 3 less deaths and still an NB anyways, new PB of 118m which is 18m more than before.2015-07-12
PC 98MimaClear90,364,690 [pic] [vid]an Extra Stage no bombs attempt I once did for fun, cleared right away perfecting the stage portion. All deaths at Alice were derps so possibly going to update this with a perfect.2015-06-01