EmperorIng's score history for Yokushin: Giga Wing Generations - Arcade
翼神: Giga Wing Generations
Yokushin: Giga Wing Generations
- Arcade -
Player history for ING

ArcadeEagle51,386,529,795,508,136,460 [pic]Outdoes my prior score, and makes it to stage 5 for the first time! The stage 4 boss is really intense. Played on a TTX emulator. This game is lots of fun!2020-05-28
ArcadeEagle4432,826,395,944,912,040 [pic]A little bit of love for the Eagle in GWG! Made it to stage 4, not especially great run (more improvements to come!). Played on a TTX emulator.2020-05-26